Agribusiness is Kansas’ most valuable asset and we are a community of individuals who are devoted to protecting it through effective education of our elected officials, our members and the general public.

The History of KARA

Even though our membership spans more than 700 agribusiness locations, we still celebrate the attitude of our members never having met a stranger. What started as a volunteer organization of Kansas’ chemical, fertilizer and equipment dealers nearly 60 years ago has evolved into one of the most influential trade associations in the state of Kansas. The volunteer mentality of our membership and their willingness to roll up their sleeves and pitch in for the success of their association allows us to hold incredible clout while educating the public and our elected officials on the importance of our industry.

The Mission of KARA

We’re producing a community of individuals dedicated to promoting and protecting the professional development and business viability for the plant nutrient and crop protection retail industry.

Key Benefits of Membership

Our membership model and the different variations of memberships we offer allows nearly anyone associated with agribusiness to join our family, further expanding our reach of providing cutting-edge continuing education and legislative representation on issues affecting Kansas agribusiness.


Our members are part of a community. They may compete with one another on a business front, but they all want what’s best for our industry. Members find support from one another and enjoy the networking opportunities and camaraderie of protecting such an historic industry.


It’s 2 a.m., on the House floor of the Kansas Capitol and our elected officials are debating an important piece of legislation to raise taxes. You don’t have to worry about following along, because we’ll always be there defending your best interests and keeping you up-to-date on what’s happening in Topeka.

Premium Education

Our training programs are second to none. We aren’t going to waste your time … At our conferences, you’re going to learn. We offer an assortment of training opportunities, all the way from anhydrous ammonia, to pasture and range management, to interpreting rules and regulations. Whatever you need continuing education on, you can find it here.

News and Resources

We religiously follow issues on both a state and federal level and keep you up-to-date on rumors, drafts and laws affecting your livelihood.

Career Center

We maintain a robust industry marketplace where you can search for jobs, buy equipment, seek out a new business opportunity or purchase documents paramount to the success of your business.


Our favorite part of gathering with our members is recognizing individuals and organizations who have taken a great amount of pride in protecting the best interest of Kansas agribusiness.

“I’ve been reassured the need for myself to personally advocate/educate both our public officials and the general public about the needs and challenges of the agricultural industry. When the agriculture industry benefits, the general public as a whole benefits.”

Eric Preston

Membership Options

  • Retail

  • $TBD/mo
    • $500 base plus (Number of branches x 140)

Best price
  • Non-Retail Membership

  • $TBA/ yr.
    • Associated Services
      • Starting at $500 / yr.
    • Basic Manufacturers
      • Starting at $4,600 / yr.
    • Wholesalers/Distributors
      • Starting at $1,450 / yr.
    • Equipment Manufacturer
      • Starting at $1,450 / yr.
    • Equipment Distributor
      • Starting at $975 / yr.
    • Extra Representatives
      • Starting at $80 / yr.