You’re buying? Someone’s selling. This is the one place Kansas agribusiness goes to post job openings, sell equipment or source new business opportunities.

Buyer’s Guide

Help interested parties find your business quickly in the hustle and bustle of today’s world. We list nearly any description you could think of when it comes to agribusiness.

Asmark Institute

If you find that government regulations are demanding more and more of your time, we can help. We’ll streamline your compliance effort and leave you to what you do best – running your business.

Industry Jobs

Are you looking for employment? Maybe your organization has a vacant position. There’s no better place to find job openings for someone interested in working in agribusiness.

Safety Posters

Our affiliation with Asmark Institute allows us to offer Agrichemical Shipments (DOT) posters, the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) poster and the Restricted-Use Pesticide (RUP) poster. These are a great addition to your safety and regulatory portfolio.

Equipment for Sale

We all know our industry’s equipment can get expensive. This is your place to shop for lightly-used equipment sold directly from our membership to help you save a few dollars.