Topeka NH3 School Rescheduled for Thursday (Feb. 14)

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Due to inclement weather in northeastern Kansas earlier this week, we’ve rescheduled our final NH3 school of 2019 for Feb. 14 at the Propane Marketers Association in Topeka.

Join us for a combination of demonstrations and presentations that will cover the characteristics of anhydrous ammonia, facility safety, emergency response and product handling. Learn from the best and brightest in the NH3 field. Individual speakers will provide input on their specific areas of expertise.

Each attendee will receive a certificate of attendance as proof of training to include in personnel files. Additionally, each attendee will take an exam at the end of the training day. The certificate will be sent by email to be retained for training files.

This program helps in meeting the requirements for:

DOT Hazmat Training for NH3 (Rail facilities will need additional internal training for DOT)
OSHA Training
EPA Risk Management Plan Employee Training
Kansas Department of Agriculture Training

Consider sponsoring your community fire-fighters, law enforcement and emergency responders to attend and hear important information about responding to NH3 accidents.

Regardless of whether or not you had registered for our originally scheduled training on Feb. 7, we ask that you please re-register via the button below for an accurate count of our numbers. Please fill out the PDF and return to Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association via email ( or by fax 785.234.2930.