Recent Change in Kansas Law Allows For Overweight Agricultural Truck Permits

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Six-axle trucks may transport 90,000 lbs. beginning July 1, 2017

This Legislative session, your Association joined with a coalition of agricultural interests to seek an increase in the maximum gross weight that commercial trucks can lawfully transport in Kansas.

Following the successful passage of House Bill 2095 this year, motor carriers with a $200 annual permit may now transport up to 90,000 lbs. on 6-axle vehicle configurations on non-interstate roads.

The new law allows the transport of up to 90,000 lbs. for motor carriers transporting “agricultural products.” As defined in the law agricultural products includes “agricultural inputs, farm supplies, biofuels, feed, raw or processed agricultural commodities, livestock, raw meat products, or farm products.” The bill specifically states that the term agricultural products is to be construed liberally. The law becomes effective on July 1, 2017.

Association Staff contacted the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) for guidance on how industry participants can apply for the annual permits and take advantage of the increased maximum gross weight. According to the department, starting July 1, 2017, motor carriers will be able to apply for and purchase an Annual Overweight Agricultural Permit through KDOT’s online permitting system, at

On the login page, the motor carrier will have access to various tutorial videos that will walk them through the process to create an account and order an overweight permit. Once logged into the system, the motor carrier will have access to an online document that will further assist them. In addition, the motor carrier may call KDOT’s Central Permitting office for assistance, at (785) 368-6501. As July 1st falls on a Saturday, KDOT staff assistance will not be available until July 3rd and the office will be closed on July 4th.

As always, please contact your Association office should you have any questions, at 785-234-0461