New KDA Intent to Install Policy

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Your Association Office received the following memo from the Kansas Department of Agriculture regarding their new Intent to Install policy and would like to share it with our members:

We are changing the policy on the submission of intent to install paperwork. Starting immediately you do not have to submit Intent to Install paperwork. Do not confuse this with the DI701 “Device Installation” form which you must still complete and submit for installation of any and all commercial weighing and measuring devices.

One purpose of the Intent to Install paperwork was to give us an opportunity to review the installation plans prior to any work being done so we could identify possible deficiencies before they became a problem. We will still be glad to review installation plans whenever you wish and I even encourage it for some installations. A good example would be a location which doesn’t have enough property to meet approach specifications. I even recommend you submit a variance request ahead of time with your installation plans for an example like the one above. This proactive approach will ensure we are in agreement and will prevent dissatisfied customers if we can prevent deficiencies after the installation is complete.

Additionally all installations must meet the manufacturers recommendations and all other applicable statutes and regulations. We may still request installation documents such as the manufacturer installation instructions, blue prints, scaled drawings, etc. if needed should we have concerns about an installation. Such papers should be kept for five years at your company and at your customer’s location at a minimum.