EPA Announces Revisions to Risk Management Program Fertilizer Regulations

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On Thursday, February 25th, the USEPA announced that it will soon release proposed amendments to its Risk Management Program (RMP) regulations. These regulations are otherwise known as USEPA’s Accidental Release Preventionregulations under section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act (CAA). The regulations require certain facilities to develop and implement a risk management program for hazardous chemicals covered by the regulations. The proposed revisions are a key action item under President Obama’s Executive Order 13650: Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security.  The proposed changes to the RMP regulations can be found Here.

Once the proposed rule is officially published in the Federal Register, industry will have 60 days to provide public comment. A final regulation will likely be adopted by the fall of this year. KARA staff will review the proposed rule and work with national and state allied organizations on a coordinated message to EPA and Congress. Once the proposed amendments are officially published in the Federal Register, KARA staff will notify members of the comment deadline and submit comments to USEPA on behalf of the association.


Contact your KARA staff with questions or for more information. If you would like your suggested comments to be included in KARA’s comments, please forward your comment to Randy Stookey at Randy@Kansasag.org. Please find additional information on this issue, below: