Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association

816 SW Tyler, Suite 100
Topeka, KS 66612
(785) 234-0463
Fax (785) 234-2930


Tom R. Tunnell

President & CEO
Tom Tunnell has served as KARA’s top executive staff officer since September, 1980. As President and CEO, he is responsible for implementing the policies of the Board of Directors and for planning, coordinating and implementing KARA programs, services and budget. He also serves as staff contact for the Arbitration, Arbitration Appeals, Grain Grades and Weights, Insurance, Taxation and Transportation Committees. He is very familiar with the grain trading rules and their application.


Ron Seeber

Senior Vice President of Government Affairs
Ron Seeber has been with KARA since July, 2008. He is responsible for the lobbying and monitoring of state and federal legislative and regulatory activities with direct day-to-day responsibilities at the Kansas Capitol and in the state regulatory agencies. He administers the Tomorrow’s Agribusiness Leaders program and is the staff contact for the Kansas Agri Business Council and the association’s contract lobbying clients.


Staci Storey

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer 
Staci Storey has been with KARA since October, 2016. She is responsible for KARA’s accounting system including financial reports and oversight, accounts payable & accounts receivable and personnel records. She is the Association office and building manager and ethics compliance officer for the association.


Randy Stookey

Vice President and General Counsel
Randy Stookey has been with KARA since November, 2011. As general legal counsel for the association, he provides assistance to the association board and members on legal and regulatory issues affecting the industry. Randy is also responsible for lobbying and monitoring of state and federal legislation and activities of state and federal regulatory agencies. In addition, Randy serves as Legal Administrator of the Kansas Agricultural Remediation Board and Remediation Reimbursement program.


Shari D. Bennett

Vice President of Event Planning
Shari Bennett has been with KARA since June, 2002. She is responsible for all of the Association’s major meeting & golf tournament planning. She also assists with the Tomorrow’s Agribusiness Leaders Program. She is the staff contact for the Expo Advisory Committee.


Samantha Tenpenny

Director of Member Services
Sam Tenpenny has been with KARA since May, 2016. She is responsible for the management of KARA’s membership recruitment and retention programs. She is also responsible for the development and coordination of the Association’s educational programs and oversees numerous special projects. She serves as staff contact for the Membership & Training Committee.


Trae Green

Director of Communications and Marketing
Trae Green has been with KARA since September, 2017. He oversees all communications products provided by the Association including print and electronic newsletters, websites, news releases, annual reports, online advertising and marketing brochures, while also administering the Scholarship Program.


Lisa A. Anschutz

Senior Director of Internal Operations
Lisa Anschutz has been with KARA since August, 1987. She is responsible for maintaining membership records, directory listings, email addresses for electronic communications, educational programs & major meeting registration. She also provides support for the Vice President of Member Services and Vice President of Marketing and Communications.


Mitzi Dodds

Executive Administrative Professional
Mitzi Dodds has been with KGFA since February, 2017. She provides support for the President and General Counsel.  She is responsible for marketing, promotion and advertising sales for the Kansas Official Directory.  She is also the contact for Committee volunteers.