Capitol Review – Week Seven

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Kansas Legislature Update, February 19 – February 23

The Kansas Legislature adjourned on Thursday evening, officially completing the first half of the 2018 Legislative Session. Committees finished their work on Monday before churning through bill debate on the floor for the remainder of the week. Then on Friday, lawmakers received an initial briefing by state-hired consultants on a new study that will provide direction on addressing the Kansas Supreme Court’s latest decision in the Gannon lawsuit. The complete school finance report is due by March 15.

A few other notables this week were Wichita businessman Wink Hartman dropping out of the GOP gubernatorial race on Wednesday and giving his endorsement to Secretary of State Kris Kobach; and new House Representative Frank Trimboli’s (R-Olathe) swearing-in on Tuesday. Trimboli, a healthcare administrator, replaces former Rep. Larry Campbell, who is now Governor Colyer’s budget director.

Legislators return to Topeka on Wednesday to start round two and begin the real work on the issues that will actually allow for final adjournment this spring … or summer.

Thursday’s Turnaround deadline means that all bills that were not introduced in or “blessed” to an exempt committee (House and Senate Tax, House and Senate Federal and State Affairs, House Appropriations, and Senate Ways and Means) are essentially frozen for the remainder of the session.

Here’s a brief recap of what’s still alive after last week:

  • Kansas Right to Know Act: House Bill 2577 passed the House 117-0 on Thursday.
  • Pesticide Application Records: House Bill 2619 passed the House 117-0 on Thursday.
  • Noxious Weeds: House Bill 2583 passed the House 101-16 on Thursday.
  • KDA Late Renewal Fees: House Bill 2478 passed the House 102-15 on Thursday.
  • Industrial Hemp Research: Senate Bill 263 passed the Senate 36-3 on Thursday.
  • Animal Conversion Units: Senate Bill 405 passed the Senate 29-10 on Thursday. 
  • Small Business Expensing: Senate Bill 303 passed the Senate 31-8 on Thursday.
  • HPIP Extension: Senate Bill 430 (new version of SB 334) was introduced on Thursday.
  • Tax Exemption Review: House Bill 2753 was introduced on Tuesday.
  • Broadband Task Force: House Bill 2701 passed the House 117-0 on Thursday.
  • State Parks, Facility Set Offs: Senate Bill 331 passed the Senate 2614 on Wednesday.
  • Boiler Inspection Fund: Senate Bill 353 passed the Senate 40-0 on Wednesday.
  • Regulation Impact (REINS): House Bill 2526 was “blessed” on Thursday.
  • Work Comp Experience Ratings: House Bill 2487 was “blessed” on Tuesday.

Here is a link to all of the bills being tracked on your behalf. You can read a brief summary of the bill, the actual text of the bill, the history of the bill and upcoming actions. If you have any problems using the Bill Tracker, please contact Shahira Stafford at